Hi Peter. Thanks for your help and prompt response this week – Your report was very thorough and definitely exceeded our expectations. It was great to be able to chat with him about it that night too. Unfortunately we were second bidders today but we were grateful to have been armed with all the info we had – hopefully we will be in touch again soon! The damp expert Michael Strutt – he was really helpful too. Many thanks Victoria 

Mr Inspectors Building Inspection service in Melbourne offers not only a qualified building inspector to assist you but the best customer service in Melbourne.  At the completion of each week we email each of our clients asking them if they need any further assistance or explanation, especially since some can be quite overwhelmed by the building inspection reports – some building and pest inspection reports are over 100 pages with the photographs of defects included.

We email our reports on the same day and are on the phone to 11.30 p.m. at night, something our competitors are now offering – as they should. You may think we are mad and wonder why would we do this – we are all about time management and service.  The simple reason is they we need to be concentrating and it’s no good calling us the next day when we are under a house or in the roof.

We don’t call you after the inspection like some competitors claim to do because after 15 years in the building inspection service industry we know it goes in one ear and out the other because you’re either at work, in a meeting, with the kids and not fully concentrating.  Why spend 20 minutes or more on the phone explaining everything when you can read the detailed building inspection report, jot down your concerns and call us after dinner when there are no distractions.