Being a qualified building inspector in Melbourne, Mr Inspector can assist you with conducting an inspection on your new dwelling.  This inspection is commonly referred to a “handover Inspection” and is carried out when completed and before you move in.

A handover inspection is based on defects found within the Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015 which is a document that lists defects that the builder needs to rectify.  There are certain things the builder does not have to rectify as well, for example, if you have to come closer than 1.5 meters to see a paint blemish then its not a defect.

The building inspector can not use a torch to see defects, it has to be natural light. Some paint defects may be visible at 9 am in the morning and not 3pm in the afternoon. Certain issues are only defects if they are visible from 1.5 meters or further.  Common issues we see are the tops of doors not painted, walls out of plumb, gaps around windows and flashings, broken roof tiles, paths slope to house instead of away from it, plumbing penetrations not sealed, floor tiles not level, door and windows binding, scratches in glass, excess roof overhang into gutters, walls not straight and electrical points not connected.

These building inspections are not cheap and the reason why is that a standard 3 bedroom home can take up to 3 hours to complete.  The report listed the defect, where it is and to what section it does not comply to, therefore it is quite difficult for the builder to argue the result.