Hi Peter – Thanks for your help with 79 Morang Road. I went to write a review on your website, but couldn’t find the place to do this. Feel free to add the information to your website if you wish (but of course do not include my address on the review, thanks) – After purchasing my house I became aware of sloping in areas of the floor and movement in the flooring when walking across the house. Concerned that I may have bought a house with a structural defects I contacted Peter to conduct a building inspection, which was able to be arranged for the following day. I could not speak more highly of Peter: He arrived on time and was thorough, professional and polite. At the time of the inspection he gave me a verbal overview of the situation, and then emailed a comprehensive written report a few hours later. He explained things in a way that was easily understood by someone without any construction / building knowledge, and he was happy to answer any questions that I had. Thankfully my concerns about the structural integrity of my house were unfounded. I will certainly arrange for Peter to do a pre-inspection before I purchase my next house and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.