Inspectors Review Cranbourne

Thanks Pete. Appreciate your help, fantastic report, covers a lot that you don’t see during a normal inspection. A lot of work is required! Mr Inspector has been conducting building inspections in Melbourne for 14 years and assisted over 10,000 home owners and buyers.  The above is a review emailed to us from a house inspection in Cranbourne that we conducted.

Building Inspector – Review

Hi Peter Thanks for the report.  I found you guys to be very thorough and professional, which the agent also noticed.  You guys have a good reputation online.  Keep it up. Peter Lao

Inspector Review

Hi Peter. Thanks for your help and prompt response this week - Your report was very thorough and definitely exceeded our expectations. It was great to be able to chat with him about it that night too. Unfortunately we were second bidders today but we were grateful to have been armed with all the info we had - hopefully we will be in touch again soon! The damp expert Michael Strutt - he was really helpful too. Many thanks Victoria  Mr Inspectors Building Inspection service in Melbourne offers not only a qualified building inspector to assist you but the best customer service in Melbourne.  At the completion of each week we email each of our clients asking them if they need any further assistance or explanation, especially since some can be quite overwhelmed by the building inspection reports - some building and pest inspection reports are over 100 pages with the photographs of defects included. We email our reports on the same day and are on the phone to 11.30 p.m. at night, something our competitors are now offering - as they should. You may think we are mad and wonder why would we do this - we are all about time management and service.  The simple reason is they we need to be concentrating and it's no good calling us the next day when we are under a house or in the roof. We don't call you after the inspection like some competitors claim to do because after 15 years in the building inspection service industry we know it goes in one ear and out the other because you're either at work, in a meeting, with the kids and not fully concentrating.  Why spend 20 minutes or more on the phone explaining everything when you can read the detailed building inspection report, jot down your concerns and call us after dinner when there are no distractions.

House Inspection Review

Hi Peter, Thanks, no questions. You guys were really easy to talk to. The building inspection report is very comprehensive and easy to understand.  And I just bought this place at auction this morning, so you won't be hearing from me for quite a while now!  I've been impressed with your service and will recommend others though. All the best Mel. The above comment is from a recent building and pest inspection client.  Feedback, whether positive or negative is important to us as we are always trying to make our building inspection service Melbourne's best.

Building inspection Review

Hi Peter, Missed out again today, which is disappointing, but never mind. Not meant to be. We had a long chat with Doug on Wednesday evening, and he was great. Super friendly and informative. We've been incredibly happy with your services on the 3 occasions that we've used you. We've felt well informed each time and appreciate the opportunity to discuss the report with you to put all the findings in context. Thanks again... and looks like you won't be seeing the last of our business!  Take care. Sally Mr Inspector emails all clients at the end of the week to make sure everything went ok with the building inspection report.  Above is one of our replies, word for word.

Another Review

Hello Peter, for me buying my first home in Australia....dealing with your business was a pleasure...Doug was great....I talked with him on the phone after I had received the report and he was great.....answered my questions and gave me "no bullshit" .... At the end of each week, Peter from Mr Inspector Building Inspections in Melbourne emails the weeks clients to make sure they have understood everything and to assist with enquiries.  One reply we got from a client who ordered a building and pest inspection is posted above.  Feed back on how we are travelling is important to us and we are always striving to improve our service and turnaround on house inspection reports. All the feedback comments about our building inspection service is copied and pasted from emails we receive.  We do not amend or change any comments we receive.

Building Inspector Reviews

Mr Inspector Building Inspections Reviews are word for word from emails received - H Pete.  You guys were great - I'll let Ami know as well. - I spoke to Doug on the phone and he was really good and clarified my queries.

Building Inspector Review

Hi Pete. Thanks you for that amazing inspection report.  I did not envisage it was going to be so detailed.  Doug was absolutely fantastic to deal with and was very helpful.  Can you please pass on my thanks to him.  If we don't buy this house we will definitely be in touch. Robyn.

House Inspection Review

Hi Peter, I was happy with the building inspection.  The report was comprehensive. The report satisfied us that the house was in reasonable repair for its age and highlighted things we need to be aware of in the future and so it was worth the money. Thanks for your prompt service. Graham. Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector operating around Melbourne.  The above review was from a client after a building inspection in Melntone.

Building Inspection Review

Thanks peter.  report was brilliant.  Opted not to bid for it. It ended up $50 k over the odds. Will get another report for the next property. Antony. Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector in Melbourne conducting exhaustive and comprehensive building inspections.  The above review was from a client after a building inspection in Hampton.