In Melbourne, the cost of a a Building and Pest Inspection will vary depending on the qualifications of persons inspecting your potential property, the experience of the inspector and the size of the dwelling.  For a building and pest inspection on 3 bedroom home, fees can range from $450 to $950 depending on who you go with and what sort of inspection report you get.  Some reports can be 5-10 pages, others 100 plus pages.

Our own enquiries reveal the cheaper inspection are normally the new start up inspectors, inspectors that are not insured and who are not qualified building inspectors (Require a Diploma building Surveying). and reports are minimal.

Remember, the cheapest building inspection services in Melbourne won’t be the best and if you’re spending up to $1 m on a house, you want the best.  As they say, you can’t buy a Rolls Royce for $100.

We are qualified (Diploma of Building Surveying), insured, experienced having been around for 14 years and our service is requested by lawyers, banks and Melbourne’s leading buyers agents for a reason.

What if I keep missing out at Auction?

Building Inspections are not cheap when you keep missing out at Auction.  If that becomes the scenario with you please discuss the costs with us because we don’t recommend you buy without one.  We have seen people regret not getting it done and we don’t want that to be you.

If you are hesitant to pay for a building inspection because you think the house is fine or it’s getting too expensive, please have a look at my blog articles here and also look at the photograph above which is from a job we did for someone who purchased a home without getting a building inspection and when they moved in, they wondered why the floors were not level.  Turned out the majority of stumps were cracked and structurally unsound.

Remember, every house has issues, some less than others, some more, some serious and some not so serious, some are termite infested, some are not.

To see what we do in our building inspections click here.

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When you combine the inspections it is cheaper as you will see below in my fees list.


  1. Ask for a sample report.
  2. Ask for a copy of the certificate of insurance.
  3. Ask what is the Australian Standard section the report complies with – if they don’t know 4349.1 and 4349.3 you will know you’re calling the wrong place.

Once satisfied with the above three points,  you will know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Important Advice from a Qualified Building Inspector

Mr Inspector advises that Under no circumstances agree to or request a verbal inspection – These inspections will not be covered by Insurance as verbal only house inspections are not permitted under Australian Standards 4349.1 – pre-purchase building inspections.

Mr Inspector advises people calling around for the cheapest inspection to please consider the following:

  • We will answer our mobile phone up to 11.00 p.m. to assist you with questions – No other building inspection service in Melbourne can match our level of customer service.
  • We assisted in the development of the Building Inspection Software being used worldwide.
  • You won’t find a  more detailed building and pest inspection report in Melbourne, we can guarantee that.
  • We provide detailed 80 to 100 plus page inspection reports, with labelled color photographs so you understand what we are reporting on.
  • We inspect for over 1000 potential defects.
  • We are Qualified & Experienced Building Inspectors who have been conducting inspections since 2004.
  • Melbourne’s leading Buyers Advocates use Mr Inspector’s services.
  • We arrange the entire inspection process with the agent.
  • We email the report on the same day, not the next day.
  • Our clients can call us anytime, free of charge for advice or queries about any building related matters in the future.


Fees below include GST

An additional fee of $50.00 for dwellings 25 km outside CBD.

A cancellation Fee of up to $300 may apply if we are not notified within 5 hours of the confirmed Inspection time. 


1-2 Bedroom Apartment – $395.00

2-3 Bedroom House – $495.00

4-5 Bedroom dwelling – $595.00

NOTE:  60-100 Page House inspection Report with photographs emailed on same day.


1-2 Bedroom Apartment – $495.00

2-3 Bedroom dwelling – $595.00

4-5 Bedroom dwelling – $695.00

NOTE:  80-120 Page Building and Pest Inspection Report with photographs emailed on same day.


1-2 Bedroom Apartment – $350.00

2-3 Bedroom House – $395.00

4-5 Bedroom House – $445.00

NOTE:  40-70 Page Pest Inspection Report with photographs emailed on same day.


1-2 Bedroom Apartment – $450.00

2-3 Bedroom dwelling – $550.00

4-5 Bedroom dwelling – $660.00

NOTE:  40-100 Page Building Defects Inspection Report with photographs emailed on same day.



Payment Policy

You can pay Mr Inspector by Visa Card, Master Card, cash or Internet Banking.  We can only send you the inspection reports once we have either received payment or confirmation of payment if you are internet banking.