Mr Inspector has been doing Building Inspections Melbourne wide for over 15 years and understands what home buyers are going through. We try our best to make the Building Inspection Process as simple and hassle free for you as possible. That’s why we will organise everything for you.  The steps of the entire process are in more detail below.

“Just read the building report, wow Peter, you have been great and thanks for keeping me up to date throughout.” William M.

1. Start with the Booking Form

Once you are right to go, just click here and this will takes you to the booking form page where you enter your details – name, mobile, email, the address you need us to inspect, the type of inspection you want us to do (drop down box), the agents first name and mobile number and then any additional comments you may have. Read the terms and conditions, tick the agree box and then press submit. This then comes to Mr Inspector’s mobile phone. We don’t need anything else from you at this stage.

 2. After you have Booked online

You can relax after completing the booking form. Mr Inspector will call the agent and work out a time that suits everyone. He will let you know by text message when the building inspection is going to be carried out.  Mr Inspector will then email you an invoice for the inspection.  This needs to be paid before the report can be sent.

3. The Building Inspection

Mr Inspector or one of his colleagues will normally get to the inspection earlier than arranged because some agents are always trying to push us out after an hour – we need up to two hours to complete our building inspections.

4. Attending the Building Inspection

We refer if you do not attend. It makes out job harder if we have clients following us around over our shoulder asking questions. We treat every inspection like an exam so we prefer it if you just left us to do our job without distraction.  We have a strict and tested procedure we must follow so that we do not miss anything. We now have a strict policy preventing clients from following us around during the inspection because the most important thing is that we do not miss anything.  If it is essential that you come, we request you leave us alone until we are finished.  If we have time we can walk around with you at the end and explain issues.  be mindful that most of the time we are ona strict time line.

5. Your Building Inspection report

These reports can be ominous to some as they are lengthy and can include a lot of issues.  Please be mindful that all houses we inspect have problems. Because we look at everything that is visible, from the chimney down to the stump footings and then photograph most defects for inclusion into the building inspection report, then these report can become daunting.

Hi Peter, Apologies for not responding when you sent this through but thank you so much for this report. We’ve just been buried under paperwork. The major defects you found on the property are being addressed by the vendor. So once again, thank you for such a comprehensive report. Cheers, Ricardo 

6. After the inspection

Normally around 5-6 p.m, sometimes earlier, we have completed your report and emailed it.  We text you advising you that it has been emailed so you’re not continually checking your emails.  We don’t call you immediately after the inspection to give you a verbal appraisal down unless it is urgent because after 15 years in the building and pest inspection industry we know that a phone call to you while you’re at work or driving the kids home goes in one ear and out the other.  We prefer that you read the house inspection report first and then feel free to call us up to 10 p.m that night if you need help. If you start to believe the home is going to fall down, you must riung us so we can put it all into perspective.

7. Follow up

We Don’t’ Sleep until you understand the house inspection report.
Follow up with you is as important to Mr Inspector as conducting a thorough Building Inspection. You have paid Mr Inspector to tell you what defects exist at your potential home, where they are and how to fix them. While most others are sleeping, Mr Inspector makes himself available to all his clients until 10.00 pm at night, 7 days a week to assist if required.

8. The Building Inspection Results

This is the important part.  After reading the Building inspection report, you now have to decide on whether you wish to proceed with the purchase.  A lot of this is discussed between you and the building inspector relating to costs to rectify problems found during the house inspection.  We can’t make up your mind for you but we have given you enough information to now make an informed decision.