Mr Inspector has been doing Building Inspections Melbourne wide for over 10 years and understands what home buyers are going through. We try our best to make the Building Inspection Process as simply and hassle free for you as possible. We will organise everything.  All you really need to do is go to the “Book Now” section on this website and fill in the details and we will get everything organised.
Mr-Inspector-sub-floor-inspection1. Start with the building inspector

You Only Speak to the Actual Inspector
When you call or email us to book your house inspections around Melbourne you will be talking to the actual inspector that will be doing your house inspection. There is no receptionist.  We will explain what we look at and what we don’t look at as per the Australian Standards for pre-purchase building and pest inspections so there is no confusion.

 2. Inspection booking

Quick House Inspection Turn Around
Your house inspection can normally be arranged for the next day.  Mr Inspector will call the agent as soon as you hang up and work out an inspection time that suits everyone. We will let you know when the building inspection is going to be carried out as soon as we get confirmation from the agent.  Simply fill in your details, the address and agent details in the “Book Now” section and we will organise a time with the estate agent.  As soon as we get a time confirmed we will get back to you.

3. Client attendance

You are welcome to Attend the house inspection.
If you wish to attend you are welcome. Be mindful that the home’s owner or tenants may be home with young children or having a day off work so we need to let the estate agent know if you are attending. We also request you leave us alone until we are finished as we have a tested procedure that we follow so we don’t miss anything.

Leave it to the expert
You can rely on Mr Inspector to conduct a thorough inspection. We treat every inspection like an exam so let us do our job and Mr Inspector is more than happy to talk to you at the completion of the house inspection – when you will have his full attention.

4. The inspection

1500 Possible Defects to Cover
The chimney down to the stump footings of your potential home is thoroughly inspected during the house inspection process.  Every defect is photographed for inclusion into the building inspection report. We take over 200 photographs on some building inspections. Everything in the yard is assessed – sheds, pergolas, decks and the like. Some of our house inspections in Melbourne can take up top 2 hours depending on size of the property and accessible areas.

5. The equipment

Advanced Building Inspection Equipment
Mr Inspector has a Thermal Imaging Camera capable for detecting invisible leaks, damp spots as well as large termite nests in wall cavities. Mr Inspector also utilises the Tramex Moisture meter at every house inspection which is capable of detecting plumbing leaks from shower tiles and bathroom plumbing, as well as rising damp issues. The Termatrac Termite Radar is also used which can detect termites behind a wall walking through timber.

6. After the inspection

The phone call
Because you get your house inspection report at around 5 to 6.00 p.m. on the day the inspection and because we stay up to 11.00 p.m. after the inspection to discuss any issues, concerns or clarification, we  don’t call you immediately after the building inspection unless the inspection results are urgent.  After 10 years in the building and pest inspection industry in Melbourne we know that a phone call to you while you’re at work and going over the house inspection results just confuses you.  We let you read the house inspection report first and then you can call us up until 11.00 p.m.

Same Day Inspection Report
It is a lengthy, detailed but easy to understand building inspection report. It details all visible Safety Hazards, Structural Defects, Major Defects and Minor Defects and has photographs to help you understand.

7. Follow up

We Don’t’ Sleep until you understand the house inspection report.
Follow up with you is as important to Mr Inspector as conducting a thorough Building Inspection. You have paid Mr Inspector to tell you what defects exist at your potential home, where they are and how to fix them. While most others are sleeping, Mr Inspector makes himself available to all his clients until 11.00 pm at night, 7 days a week to assist if required.

8. The Building Inspection Results

This is the important part.  After reading the Building inspection report, you now have to decide on whether you wish to proceed with the purchase.  A lot of this is discussed between you and the building inspector relating to costs to rectify problems found during the house inspection.  We can’t make up your mind for you but we have given you enough information to now make an informed decision.