Mr Inspector’s team has been carrying out pre-purchase house inspections since 2004 and assisted numerous home buyers make the right decision.

One of the most important areas assessed as part of any pre-purchase building inspection is the roof and the roof void.  Some areas of the roof on the second or third floor can’t be accessed so its important to be able to get into the roof void to inspect for building defects like, cracked tiles, broken tiles, flashing gaps, leaks, fretting of terra cotta tiles, insulation defects and roof frame defects.

The photograph above was taken from a building inspection in Cheltenham and sows that there is not insulation in the roof. 

Personally I’d prefer no insulation in the roof void for two reasons.  Firstly, it makes it easier for us to inspect the ceiling joists and walk around in the roof to inspect the entire area. Sometimes we can’t inspect entire roof voids due to insulation covering the bottom cords of a truss frame and t walk on them without seeing if there’s knots is too dangerous.  Secondly, old insulation requiring replacing is hard work.  It’s far easier to insulate a non insulated roof than remove old insulation and then install new.

Besides defects, another reason it is beneficial to be able to get into the roof void is so you can see the condition of the frame before you get on the roof. This is particularly important for the inspector due to his/her safety.

Only a fool would walk on a tiled or metal roof without first seeing what the frame is like. To assume the roof rame is all OK and then walk on a roof you are playing with death. Look closely at the photograph.  Once you have found the broken roof baton, would you feel entirely safe to walk on that section of the roof?

Over the years Mr Inspector has carried out many building inspections in Melbourne and has come across numerous defects in the roof. We have observed wiring that has been chewed by mice, roof frame members removed by owners to make more space, insulation burnt by halogen downlights, fire damaged roof frame, missing tiles, poorly fixed timber members and even blow up dolls.

Before you buy a home, I believe it is very important that you get the services of an experienced and qualified building inspector. Doinf this coudl save you thousdands of dollars.

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