22 Normanby St Brighton

Mr Inspector inspected 22 Normanby St Brighton on Friday the 1st of July producing a 59 page building inspection report detailing major defects and safety hazards. 22 Normanby St is a solid brick dwelling in the original front section of the home and constructed on a suspended floor frame.  The roof is both a pitched terracotta tiled roof and section of the extension are a metal flat roof.

57 Tennyson St Elwood

5/1 Vickery St Bentleigh was inspected today by Mr Inspector and produced a 88 page building and pest inspection report. 5/1 Vickery St Bentleigh is a renovated east facing home with a pitched slate tiled roof on the original section and flat metal roof on the extension.  The wall cladding is brick masonry combined with rendered sheeting.

5/1 Vickery St Bentleigh

Inspected by Mr Inspector on Tuesday was 5/1 Vickery St Bentleigh producing a 50 page building inspection report detailing major defects, minor defects and safety hazards.  5/1 Vickery St Bentleigh faces east and is a ground level apartment constructed on above a basement car park.

460 Moreland Road Brunswick

Inspected by Mr Inspector on Monday was 460 Moreland Rd Brunswick producing a 124 page building and pest inspection report detailing major defects, minor defects, safety hazards and timber pests.  460 Moreland Rd Brunswick is predominantly masonry brick cladding with terra cotta roof tiles on a suspended floor frame.

50 Tivoli Rd South Yarra | Building Inspection

Mr Inspector carried out a building inspection at 50 Tivoli Road South Yarra on 25 August 2020. Tivoli Rd is a much sought after street in a beautiful tree lined South Yarra Street. Doug who is a qualified bricklayer and timber pest inspector carried out the inspection and constructed the detailed report on this beautiful old home in a great location. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.