Peter, Thanks for the great work.  Thorough and very helpful.  We purchased Sarah Street on Saturday morning….as we celebrated by birthday!  I will definitely keep your details to hand and refer you to others that are purchasing as well.  Thanks for your prompt responses every time.

Above is another building inspection review from a building and pest inspection we completed in Richmond.  These reviews keep us going and make if feel all the more worthwhile.

Building inspection is a difficult task and one which can not be taken lightly.  Building inspectors can not afford to miss defects, especially major defects and termite issues.  We tell out clients we would prefer it if you didnt attend and this is not because we don’t like you, it’s because we can not afford to be distracted.

We see other house inspection companies say clients are welcome to come and follow us around.  That, in my opinion is not true because no inspector I know likes people following them around. It is too important a job to be distracted.