For the last 17 years (established 2004) all we have been doing is Pre-purchase Building and Termite inspections. Unlike some others doing these inspections Peter is actually qualified (Diploma of Building Surveying) and Insured with a wealth of experience in the residential construction industry.

To view our professionalism and knowledge for yourself go to our reviews section by clicking here or have a look at our google reviews and you will see why.

We do Pre-purchase building and pest inspections all around Melbourne. To simplify for you – the building inspection report will include what the defect is, where the defect is and what is required to rectify. Photographs of most defects are also included.  There is a summary at the front that lists all major defects and all minor defects.

The timber pest inspection report or termite inspection report will inform you of any live termites and current termite damage, any past termite damage, borer damage and timber fungal decay (rot).  It will also inform you of areas that attract termites to the property and what needs rectification to keep termites away.

The pest inspection is Mr Inspectors greatest concern as they are very difficult to locate and the inspection must be methodical and thorough using timber testing and advanced equipment such as moisture meters and our Termatrac T3i radar meter.  We can also use the Testo Thermal imaging camera which can pick up larger termite nests or sub nests in wall cavities.

The building and pest inspection is our most popular because you are getting absolute peace of mind. If you are tossing up on whether or not to get a termite inspection like most of my clients, I personally would get a termite inspection before a building inspection as I have seen what damage they can cause.

The combined building & pest inspection has some advantages to you:

  • It is cheaper to get both the building inspection and the pest inspection at the same time rather than separately.
  • When you order a combined Building & Pest Inspection with Mr Inspector you save approximately $100.00.
  • Combined Building and Pest Inspections provide you with valuable information on building defects and also potential problems that may occur in relation to termite infestation, live termites and termite damage at the home.
  • Over 1000 building defects, termite infestations, termite damage and borer damage must be explored.
  • The combined building & pest inspection report is approximately 60-70 pages with photographs and emailed to you on the day of the inspection.

We will inspect all areas of the yard and the home for termites and building defects as per Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4349.3 and the supply you with the most exhaustive and informative inspection report in Melbourne – all on the same day.