Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector and had been conducting pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Melbourne since 2004.

Over the years, tools and equipment used by building inspectors in Australia have improved.

Gone are the days of taking handwritten notes, using a camera, downloading photos onto the computer and staying up to 2 am trying to complete building inspection reports on the computer.  Now days highly sophisticated inspection applications that give the building inspector the ability to complete the inspection on site and put photos directly into the house inspection app.

Nowadays the inspector is unlikely to even use a pen.

Inspections apps have been ground breaking in the house inspection industry giving the house inspector the ability to go to bed at a normal hour.

Mr Inspector utilizes My Inspection App which was developed By Roger Dado, a building inspector in Sydney.  This App allows a building inspector to do the entire report on a mobile phone or tablet and takes photos directly into the app.  The inspector must set up the app to contain all the possible defects which he ticks when present and also has the ability to add new defects, save different templates and design their own. It has made the inspection industry so much more efficient which is great for both the building inspector and the client as they get the report quicker.

Moisture meters have also come along way.  Mr Inspector uses a non invasive moisture meter that detects moisture in all types of materials, wood, tiles, plaster and brick.  This makes it far easier to detect moisture that is not visible or painted over.  We now find more homes with leaks from bathrooms when we run moisture meters along walls outside wet areas and we also fond rising damp issues on masonry walls.

Because building inspectors do not have the time to run a moisture meter all over every ceiling in a house, Mr Inspector makes sure his clients are informed by using a T6 Flir Thermal imaging camera.  This camera easily identifies damp areas on a ceiling, under sinks, outside showers and under balconies and as the photograph below shows, faulty fuses on the homes switchboard.

Damp spot on ceiling

Falty fuse – Thermal camera

Leak from Sink

As time goes on I’m sure more specialised building inspection tools will make our lives easier.