Mr Inspectors is Qualified, Experienced, Knowledgeable and Insured

Mr Inspector has been doing inspection for 19 years now and assisted thousands of people with building defects reports, pre-purchase inspection reports and timber pest inspection reports.

Peter (56 years) is qualified to do Pre-Purchase Building Inspections (Diploma of Building Surveying), Timber Pest Inspections (Cert 3), Pool Barrier Inspection (Certificate 11077454) and Non Friable Asbestos Awareness & Removal.

Paul (58 years) is a qualified timber pest inspector and controller and been with Peter since 2018. His past experience is in construction with a certicate 4 in construction, plumbing and timber pest control and has a vast knowledge on termites.

Jack (31 yrs) is a qualified Carpenter and timber pest inspector. He trained alongside Peter for 12 months in 2018 and is now carrying out inspections with a very good knowledge on domestic construction methods and compliance.

Peters Qualification include;

  • Assess Construction Faults in Residential Buildings.
  • Assess Structural Requirements for Domestic Scale Buildings
  • Apply Footing & Geomechanical Design Principles to Domestic Scale Buildings
  • Assess Timber Framed Designs for 1 and 2-storey buildings.
  • Evaluate Materials for Construction of Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Apply Building Codes & Standards to Residential Buildings.
  • Apply Building Surveying Procedures to Residential Buildings.
  • Undertake Site Surveys and Set out procedures for Building Projects.
  • Apply Building Control Legislation to Building Surveying.
  • Apply Principles of Energy Efficient Design to Buildings.
  • Apply Legislation to Urban Development and Building Controls.
  • Assess the Impact of Fire on Building Materials.
  • Produce Work Drawings for Residential Buildings.
  • Mr Inspector commenced working in the pre-purchase house inspection industry in 2004 and has assisted in excess of 20,000 home buyers running Safehome Building Inspections and Mr Inspector.
  • This means you work with a building inspector that has the training, the qualification and the experience.
  • Mr Inspector’s qualifications mean that he is trained to locate and report on new home building defects caused not only by Builders’ non-compliance or error, but defects cause by footings & foundations problems, poor workmanship, drainage problems, rising damp, rotten stumps, differential settlement, termites and lack of maintenance or age-related issues.
  • Because Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector and is recognised by the Victorian Building Authority he has intimate knowledge of all aspects of Building Defects, the Building Act 1993, and the Building Regulations 2006. the Building Code of Australia, Residential Timber Framed Construction AS 1684.2 2006 and Residential Slabs and Footings Construction AS 2870 – 1996.
Customer Service
  • After you have completed the booking form we message you to say we have received it.
  • We then contact the real estate agent and organise a time.
  • We text you what time we have requested.
  • We text you what tome we have confirmed.
  • We email you the inspection invoice and text you to let you know.
  • We thoroughly inspect your potential home from top to bottom taking photographs of defects and on the same day we provide you with a comprehensive and detailed 60 – 150 page building inspection report as per AS 4349.1 and .3
  • We text you to advise you we have emailed the report.
  • We stay up late to answer your questions.  Peter is available to 10.30 pm to help if needed.
The Inspection Report – click here to see our recent Sample Building Inspection report
  • Emailed on the same day, the building inspection report will list all visible major defects, structural defects and safety hazards.
  • Photographs are included.
  • Mr Inspector’s house inspection findings may enable you to negotiate a better price on the home you are looking at.
  • Mr Inspectors building inspection reports are the most comprehensive in Melbourne with over 850 potential defects we need to check off before completing the house inspection.
  • Mr Inspector will email your building and pest inspection reports on the same day because we know how important the results are to you.
  • Mr Inspector makes himself available late in the evening to assist you with any questions about the building inspection report.
Mr Inspector is Insured – click here to see our certificate of insurance 
  • We hold $1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance.
  • We are also members of the highly regarded Master Builders Association of Victoria.
  • Importantly we have never had any claims made against us.