Some companies will but Mr. Inspector does not see the point. If you want us to call you straight after the inspection we will, but after thousands of building inspections for our clients, we came to realise (and so did our clients) that by calling after the inspection and trying to explain every problem at the home only confused them. It is not dissimilar to my mechanic calling me after looking at my car and start telling me every little thing wrong with it – I would only understand half of what he was saying.

Mr. Inspector’s reports are so easy to understand that rarely do our clients need to have a further discussion about the building inspection report finding.

After you have read the inspection report we are more than happy to go over the detail with you after hours. We guarantee that we will make ourselves available to 11.00 p.m. to discuss any queries you have because our aim is to have you extremely well informed of any problems at the dwelling we have inspected.