Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector and has been carrying out building inspections in Melbourne since 2004.

Over this time he has tried various tools to assist in the location of defects including thermal cameras, moisture meters, scopes and the termite termatrac meter.


One of the best tools every house inspector in Melbourne should be using is the the thermal imaging camera.  It can find larger termite nests in a wall due to the amount of heat and moisture the termites emit but it easily detects leaks that you typically would not see.

We use the thermal camera at every building inspection we attend in Melbourne and often come across a roof leaks or a leak from a bathroom which has been painted over and there is no way you could detect it without it.  The inspector could run his moisture meter over the entire ceiling in every room but this would take valuable time and you would be charged for that time.

A building inspector takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute per room to assess for damp and leaks.

If you have any questions feel free to call Mr Inspector, one of a few qualified house inspectors in Melbourne on 0409495949.