Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector in Melbourne and has been carrying out pre-purchase house inspections since 2004.

In that time, technology in the building inspection industry has got better and better which makes our job a lot easier and our clients a lot happier because some technology will see things the naked eye will not.

Failure by a building inspector to utilise this advanced technology means some defects will go undetected.  

On average we carry out 20-40 house inspections in Melbourne a week and it is often noticed some homes have been recently painted.  This raises suspicion, however, of course this doesn’t always mean they are covering something.

The Flir E6 Thermal imaging camera is a great tool for any building inspector to locate leaks from roofs into the plaster, lack on insulation of poorly installed insulation, leaks from shower recesses and toilets, rising damp and larger termite infestations.

If your inspector isn’t up to date with the newest technology he may be missing defects not visible to naked eye.