The importance of engaging a qualified and experienced Building Inspector in Melbourne can not be overlooked. Some are qualified and some not.  You should ascertain the qualifications of your inspector actually inspecting the home before making such a large investment.

Remember the pre-purchase house inspection industry is not regulated and experience and qualifications of the building inspector can mean you obtain the services of someone with no qualifications at all.

It is equally important to engage house inspectors with the knowledge and experience to differentiate between major problems and minor problems and how to have these issues rectified.  If the building inspector misjudges or is unable to differentiate between a major, expensive problem and a minor problem you may decide not proceed based on the wrong information.

A few simple questions to help you decide which building inspector is for you are:

  • Are you insured to conduct building and pest inspections – request a copy of the insurance certificate.
  • Have you completed a Diploma of Degree in Building Surveying – This is the only building inspector qualification recognized by the Victorian Building Authority.
  • If the inspector has completed an accredited house inspection course – What did it involve, who ran the course, how many days did it take and then make your own enquiries about the content of the course.
  • Are you qualified to do Termite Inspections – Ask what certificates they hold – Need certificate 3 in Asset Maintenance (Pest Management Technical) Inspect and report on Timber Pests.
  • What is the Australian Standard for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections – Building Inspectors in Melbourne should know AS 4349.1 (2007) House Inspection requirements intimately.
  • What is the standard for Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections – As above, 4349.3 (2010).
  • Do you look at wall cracking and how are these cracks categorized – structural, major or minor – Building Inspectors should have a good working knowledge of crack categories as per the Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2007 in relation to crack categories.
  • What equipment do you use to try and find termites during the house inspection – moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, termite inspection equipment, Termatrac Meters.
  • If the house has a balcony or decking – What are the height and gap requirements for balustrade components – The building inspector should know that if it is a meter above ground you can have no openings that will allow a 125 mm sphere pass through and rail height must not be less than 1 meter.
  • Request a Sample of the Building Inspection Report.
  • How many years has the Building Inspector being carrying out pre-purchase building and pest inspections – can normally find this by searching ASIC.
  • Are you a member of an organisation such as the Master Builders Association – Some house inspection websites have organisations logos and registrations but this does not necessarily mean they are members or registered.

Mr Inspector hopes this assists in making sure you are engaging an experienced, qualified and knowledgeable house inspection service in Melbourne.