No. Unlike Mr. Inspector, some companies doing pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne are not actual qualified Building Inspectors as recognized by the Victorian Building Authority. Some are not even registered builders or architects.

In Victoria, the pre-purchase Building Inspection Industry is not regulated. The person carrying out your building inspection does not have to be a qualified or registered Building Inspector to inspect you potential home.

You can be car salesman one day and the next day you can start doing pre-purchase house inspections.

Including Mr. Inspector, there currently are only 3 other house inspection businesses in Melbourne that we know of who are actually qualified Building Inspectors recognized by the Victorian Building Authority.

Some House Inspectors claim they are qualified house inspectors having competed a short course but these courses do not qualify them as “Building Inspectors” and are not recognized by the Victorian Building Authority. This is why they say they are qualified “house inspectors” and not building inspectors as this would get them in hot water with the Victorian Building Authority.

Qualified Building Inspectors are recognized by the Victorian Building Authority (formerly the Building Commission) and they require a vast knowledge of Building Defects, the Building Code of Australia, the Building Act and the Building Regulations to the satisfaction of the Building Authority. To be registered Building Surveyors they need to sit before a panel at the Building Authority.