In December 2019 new laws came into effect in regard to pools and pool inspections in Bayside.

It is mandatory for swimming pool owners to do the following –

  • register their pool or spa with the council before 1 November 2020 – go to the councils website to do this
  • have a pool inspection every four years
  • lodge a spa or pool barrier (fence) compliance certificate with the council every 4 yrs
  • pay the prescribed fees to the council upon registration and lodgement of the certificate.

Once you register the pool or spa the council will advise you of the following –

  • the date your pool or spa was constructed
  • which Australian Standards apply to your pool that you need to comply with (there are 4 different sets for different eras)
  • the date on which you must lodge the certificate. Once you have all this completed you need a licensed pool inspector to assess your barrier (fence).

The council will advise when you have to have your certificate of compliance for your spa or pool barrier (fence) submitted –

  • Pools constructed with or without a permit of 30 June 1994 or earlier – by 1 November 2021
  • Pools constructed from 1 July 1994 and 30 April 2010 – by 1 November 2022
  • Pools constructed from 1 May 2010 until 31 May 2020 – by 1 November 2023
  • Pools constructed after 1 November 2020 – at the time of registration.

Barriers ARE required for the following –

  • in-ground pools and spas
  • above-ground pools and spas
  • relocatable and inflatable pools that require assembly on site and can carry 30 cm of water.

Barriers are NOT required for the following –

  • inflatable pools – typically a toddler or wading pools that can not contain a water depth greater than 30 cm
  • small inflatable pools that do not consist of multiple components
  • small inflatable pools that don’t consist of multiple components, for example, a small blow-up pool with no other components
  • bird baths, fish ponds and reflection pools
  • fountains
  • water supply, storage tanks, and dams.
  • baths used for personal hygiene and emptied after each use
  • spas inside a building (eg bathroom)
  • pools and spas that can not contain a water depth of 30 cm.

I hope this information has cleared it up for you and if you need any assistance please call us.

Take a look at the Bayside Council Pool Regulations & Compliance here