Mr Inspector, a qualified Building Inspector operating since 2004, conducts professional House Inspections Melbourne wide, assisting home buyers and owners.

The photograph above depicts one of the tools that is essential to completing a thorough house inspection on any home. Using moisture meters helps us identify leaks from roofs that are still leaking, leaks from shower recesses, laundry tap wares, excessive damp on floors due to excess damp under a home and also rising damp.

A common issue we come across is leaking bathrooms and this is normally caused by inadequate waterproofing of shower recesses and floors. There are now a number of updated building regulations that stipulate how a bathroom is to be waterproofed.  For example, where you have an  unenclosed shower which is common these days, the entire floor must be made water proof.

It is very difficult to ascertain if waterproofing has been correctly carried out when we do the house inspection as one would need to remove all the tiles.  One sure sign that it hasn’t been adequately waterproofed is the presence of excessive moisture readings on lower walls which sometimes, depending on how often the shower gets used, is not visible. The other sure sign is under the the shower if constructed with a suspended floor construction, e.g. stumps.

To conduct an accurate and thorough house inspection in Melbourne it is not only essential that your your building inspector is qualified (Diploma of Building Surveying) but just as essential is that your inspector must have the right equipment for the job.  These inspections are visual inspections only and an inspector can not start pulling everything off someone’s walls.

Must Have Equipment includes a monocular for seeing on upper roofs, moisture meter, Termatrac Radar meter for observing termites moving behind walls and a Thermal imaging camera.