Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector in Melbourne and took the above photograph during one of his building inspections in Sandringham showing timber debris under a home.

When we access the sub floor during the building and pest inspection we often observe timber debris under a home.

This includes old builders off-cuts and timber stored by the owner.  When it is in touch with the soil it allows easy access for termites to enter via the ground soil and therefore is a conducive conditions for termite infestations.

It is preferable to remove all timber from under the home or if you really want to keep it, place it on shelves so it is not in contact with soil.  This also applies to fire wood in storage boxes up against walls.  Some house inspections Mr Inspector has conducted reveal termites in wood piles.

Again, this reiterates the importance of having the sub floor area of any home regularly inspected by a qualified building inspector.