Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector conducting building and pest inspections in the Moorabbin area.  Above is a photograph taken by Mr inspector during a building inspection in Moorabbin.

It shows the floor was substantially uneven throughout the house and Mr Inspector had to dig under the home to adequately assess the condition of the stumps.  As was the case here, uneven floors usually indicates a footings problem or stump rot.  When the stump footings are rotten it is time to have the home re-stumped as problems will continue to arise like wall cracks, doors binding and uneven floors.  Some previous home inspections we have done in Melbourne reveal that stumps have been rotten for years.

It is very important that a qualified building inspector assess the homes footings prior to purchase.  If defects are found you may have the ability to negotiate a better price or you may decide not to purchase.  If you don’t have these areas inspected you may sustain substantial repair costs.