Down Pipes

Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector in Melbourne and took the above photograph during one of his recent building inspections in Moorabbin.

Many older homes around Melbourne, especially in the inner suburbs don’t have their down pipes connected to storm water, rather they are directed out onto the street or into a lane.

This is not normally an issue but down pipes leaking or flowing close to the homes wall can pose a problem over time.

Common problems are deterioration of the bricks mortar, timber rot on timber stumps, weather boards or plinth boards, footings settlement, rising damp problems and is also conducive to termite infestation. These issues are assessed, photographed and included by Mr Inspector in his building inspection reports.

Safety Hazards

Mr Inspector took this photograph during a recent Building Inspection in Moorabbin and shows a potential safety hazard.

It shows extensive rust in the mains wiring bracket.  Mr Inspectors opinion was to replace the bracket as, if this snaps in the future someone may be electrocuted.  A licensed electrician would need to be engaged to assess.  The importance of obtaining a building inspection service with a professional and thorough building inspector is essential.

Uneven Floor

Above is a photograph taken by Mr inspector during a building inspection in Moorabbin.

It shows the floor was substantially uneven throughout the house and Mr Inspector had to dig under the home to adequately assess the condition of the stumps.  As was the case here, uneven floors usually indicates a footings problem or stump rot.  When the stump footings are rotten it is time to have the home re-stumped as problems will continue to arise like wall cracks, doors binding and uneven floors.  Some previous home inspections we have done in Melbourne reveal that stumps have been rotten for years.

It is very important that a qualified building inspector assess the homes footings prior to purchase.  If defects are found you may have the ability to negotiate a better price or you may decide not to purchase.  If you don’t have these areas inspected you may sustain substantial repair costs.