Mr Inspector is one of few qualified building inspectors doing building inspections in the Mentone area. The above photograph depicts the floor levels being slightly uneven during a building inspection in Mentone, Melbourne.

It is important to access the sub floor during the building inspection to try to ascertain the cause of same. ┬áSometimes it can be due to stump footing rot, poor re-stumping where they didn’t level adequately or differential settlement in the homes footings system. ┬áCommon causes of footings settlement are tree root problems, excess water draining into the sub floor from broken storm water pipes or down pipes not connected to storm water and poor drainage where the land outside the walls falls towards the home.

Rectification of uneven flooring can as simple as packing between the bearer and the stump to level the floor to the more difficult and expensive task of having the home-re-stumped. Occasionally some house inspections we attend where exposed floor boards are evident show a 10 to 15 mm gap between the skirting board and the floor boards all throughout thehome. ┬áThis can sometimes be due to the carpet being removed and thus the gap is now visible – especially if the same gap size is throughout the home.

Having a qualified Melbourne building inspector from Mr Inspector ensures you will get the right answers to the defects located.