Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector in Melbourne who conducts building and pest inspections in the Hampton and Bayside areas. The photograph above was taken by Mr Inspector during one of his building inspections in Hampton and shows a leaking pan cone sleeve on the rear of a toilet.

During our house inspections Mr Inspector will always inspect behind the toilet for leaks and poorly fixed toilet pans.  We often see rubber pan cone deterioration and when you flush the toilet it leaks fresh water, not sewer. This is not likely to cause a lot of damage in the short term but over a longer period you may observe rot in you skirting board and after a while, in the floor boards and frame.

This is also conducive to termites attacking the home due to the supply of moisture.  Note, it is clean water that is leaking, not sewerage.

A plumber should be engaged to replace any leaking or deteriorated pan cones.