Mr Inspector is a qualified building inspector in Mentone and conducts professional building and pest inspections.  The above photograph was taken during a building inspection in Mentone and shows typical window decay.

In older homes we often observe window frame rot and decayed areas that have been patched. In the building inspection industry rot is refereed to as timber fungal decay and is considered a timber pest.

Normally this defect is due to lack of maintenance and upkeep with painting left to deteriorate.  Rot is due to water and damp penetration into the timber and also considered a timber pest.

During our house inspections we see patched rot that is still soft to touch which means it has not been repaired adequately and in most cases, it is preferable to replace the timber affected.

Mr Inspector advises that all aspects of the home need to be inspected before you purchase  including patched areas as window frames that are rotten are quite expensive to replace.