A common mistake people make is that they confuse borer damage with termite damage.  Mr Inspector is frequently called out to carry out a property inspection on a home because the owner or a tradesperson has stated they have a termite problem.

The simple thing to remember is you will not see termites or their damage unless you put your hand or foot through the timber.

The photograph left shows a yellow colour scraping on a floor joist. This damage is caused by a powder post borer which is an insect that consumes the sapwood in timber.

If termites were infesting that same floor joist you would not see them.  However, you may see a line of mudding that termites build to get from A to B if they can’t eat through it.  That is a termite below on the left and the photo on the right shows termite leads or mudding going up a concrete stump into the home.











The importance of getting a professional to inspect the home is essential.  We have had to regularly go to homes because someone has mistaken termites and borer.’

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