You can be comfortable that we are experienced and well-informed in building defects and compliance with the Building Codes in Australia due to the simple fact that the staff at Mr Inspector are trained, educated and experienced in all aspects of the Building Act, the Building Regulations and the Building Code of Australia.

Mr Inspector’s expertise is in Building and Pest Inspections for home buyers or owners and hand over defects inspections on new homes.

We have been going since 2004 and know what to do, know what you want from an inspection and we know you wont be disappointed after reading our 60-120 page building inspection reports with fully labelled photographs.

Building Inspection Services Available

Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspections – Commonly referred to as a building and pest inspection or house inspection.  This is a thorough inspection on a dwelling you are considering buying to assist you in making an informed decision before you buy after taking into consideration the severity of the houses defects and rectification costs.  A building and pest inspection can be on a flat, unit, house, garage, shed and the like.  This inspection report is 60-70 pages long with photographs of defects and will inform you of structural defects, major defects, minor defects, maintenance issues, safety hazards, termite infestation, termite damage, structural damage caused by timber pests, borer damage and timber fungal decay or rot at the property.

Hand Over Building Inspections on New Dwellings – This is an inspection of a property you are having built and at lock-up stage. The Building Inspection is based on Building Defects found within the Guide to Standards & Tolerances 2015.  This Guide was put together by the Victorian Building Authority and certain defects have to be rectified by the builder and some don’t.  Some things you might think are defects the builder has to fix may not be, for example, a paint blemish that you can see is only a defect if it is visible from 1.5 meters and back.  If you need to come closer than that to see it, its not a defect.

Defects Inspections for Owner – This is basically the same as a pre-purchase building inspection format but normally where you already own the home.  This will  help you understand what needs to be fixed in a hurry, what can wait and how to get it done. We have done alot of building inspections for owners who bought without getting an inspection first.  Some have been lucky and some have not. One owner building inspection we did in Frankston revealed $148,000 worth of termite damage.