Mr Inspector has been around since 2004 and carries out pre-purchase building and pest inspections around Melbourne for home buyers and home owners.

A recent building inspection in Cheltenham was thoroughly carried out this week and a number of defects were located.  The detailed inspection report is designed to give home buyers a thorough list of items needing rectification. This included major defects, minor defects, maintenance issues and safety hazards.

Its extremely important for customers to understand the building inspection reports and often our clients read the report and become extremely concerned and decide not to purchase.

Mr Inspector says its very important that home buyers understand that most homes will have issues and it’s the expensive ones that matter. If a home is not maintained it will have maintenance issues that can lead to more concerning problems like footings settlement and cracking.  A good example is a downpipe not connected to storm water which means rain water can flow under the home and into the footings. This can cause mould, stumps to drop or rot and also damp attracts termites.

It’s a simple fix that can prevent issues developing.

It’s very important that once you get your report that you call the inspector to go over the report and potential costs rather than just decide not t proceed.  Some issues are easily rectified and you could be abandoning one property to find worse issues at the nest.