A termite inspection should be carried out on any home you are considering buying due to the unseen damage they can cause and the inability to find termite damage until its too late.

The photograph above is from a Building and Pest Inspection in Aspendale and shows an external plinth board with termite damage.  This could not be seen and timber testing or tapping indicated some hollowness sounding  and when opened up revealed termite damage.

The plinth board was right next to the hot water unit overflow which was dripping and providing a moisture source for the termites.

Mr Inspector often finds termites in areas where there is a leak and thus the areas under bathrooms, kitchens and laundries requires special attention during the building and pest inspection.

You normally will not see termites as they remain hidden inside the timber or build mud leads or tunnels to travel to the timber areas.  The mud tunnels act as a barrier from predators.   Some termite inspections have revealed the termites have eaten everything but the paint as is the case in the above photograph.

It is essential to obtain a termite inspection on any home, whether on a slab or a sold brick home.