A dilapidation report is carried out in the event that damage to your property may surface during or after building works are being conducted in the vicinity of your dwelling.

Mr Inspector can assist you with an assessment building inspection report on the current condition of your property as it currently stands, prior to any building works being carried out in the vicinity by neighbours or the like.

Mr Inspector carries out a thorough check of your home for any cracking defects and documents and photographs those defects in a report for you.  The report is carried out similar to a normal building inspection report so will include all major defects, minor defect and safety hazards.

We focus on cracking in external walls and internal wall and ceiling linings and photograph each area in situ. This helps if there are any potential claims after movement cracking surfaces after building works have been carried out in the vicinity of your home as you have documented evidenc eof the condition of your home prior to these works being conducted.