Mr Inspectors Timber Pest inspections are carried out as per Australian Standard 4349.3 – 2010 Inspection of buildings Part 3 – Timber Pest Inspections.  This is the most stressful and time consuming inspection of all.

Termites are very hard to find in some circumstances.  It is extremely important to get these inspections right.

Building defects are not that hard to find, but termites are the sneakiest creatures on this planet, says Mr Inspector.

We can find termites as soon as we crawl under the house, other times we have had to crawl right up to the back of the house before finding them.  We may just find them in a window frame in the bathroom during the timber testing process and then he may find them after getting an excessive damp reading from the Tramex Moisture meter.  Either way termites stress us and we must walk away from the inspection knowing we have tried our very best to locate them.