Ordering a building and pest inspection with Mr Inspector ensures your potential property is thoroughly inspected for termite infestation, termite damage and conducive areas for termites to thrive.

Conducive conditions means areas that will or may attract termites and includes dripping taps, leaking pipes, timber stumps, timber sleepers, plinth boards of other timber members in contact with the ground, firewood and timber stored around the house or under the house, down pipes not being connected to storm water, gum trees, old tree stumps, timber fungal decay and the list goes on.

Above is a photograph of termites found during a building and pest inspection in Cheltenham.  The termites were found in a garden sleeper and thankfully, no termites were located with the house structure.


Termite Inspection Yarraville

The above photograph depicts live termites found under a house inspection in Yarraville, Melbourne

This was the third inspection we had done for our client and they were contemplating not getting another one done after missing out at Auctions.

It tuned out to be the best decision they could make as the termite damage located at this home inspection was approximately $45,000 and that didn’t include the possible wall frame damage that could only be found once the wall linings were removed.

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