Mr Inspector has been doing building inspections Melbourne wide for over 12 years and finds most problems with houses are in areas no one dares to venture.

A thorough building inspection consists of inspecting the roof void.  This is where few people go and often shows numerous defects, either due to workmanship, age related, leaks and damaged roof linings.  A common issue we find during our home inspections is the roof insulation covering down lights and this can be a fire hazard.

Often, cracked roof tiles can not be seen from the roof during a house inspection.  Not many building inspectors will walk on a tiled roof of an older home has they age and are easily cracked. This also included us.  We view most tiled roofs from each side of the home using a ladder and not all tile cracks can be seen, until we get in the roof void.

The above photo shows a common rafter that has been cut to accommodate a sky light and you can see the tiles have dropped and leaking has occurred. The rafter should be supported as it is carrying the load of the tiles and the roof baton.

Engaging a qualified and experienced building inspection company is paramount before you buy a home so that you are aware of any issues requiring rectification.