The cost of a Building and Pest Inspection on a standard 3 bedroom home in Melbourne is anywhere from $450 to $1000 depending on who you engage.

Mr Inspectors fees are around $500 to $660 depending on size and location of the home to be inspected.

Be very wary of cheap inspection fees and there are a number of questions you need to ask of the inspector to make sure you are getting an inspector who is knowledgeable.  Many websites say they are qualified or accredited house inspectors and this normally means they have done a two day course on how to complete inspection reports properly.  A qualified Building Inspector, like Mr Inspector,  is one who has completed a two year degree or diploma of building surveying.

Remember, you can get a good building inspector or a cheap building inspector, but normally you won’t get both.  If you are hunting around for the cheapest inspector, give Mr Inspector a call and we can discuss the things you need to ask your potential building inspector so that you are obtaining the services of someone professional, insured, qualified and knowledgeable.