Apart from what has to be done by us as per the Australian Standards for pre-purchase building and pest inspections, Mr. Inspector bases his inspections on what he believes he would want to know about a home he was buying. Every home will have problems, I can guarantee that. Our job is to tell you what defects were at the home and how to have them rectified.

We aim to put all our findings into perspective. It is the impact of the problems that matters. If the type of home you were interested in was a masonry brick or weather board house built in 1940 and you wanted it to be defect free, then you will never buy a home of this era – because the next one you look at will probably have the same defects or worse.

Mr Inspector believes the aim of any building inspection is to ascertain how much money you need to spend to get the place back to good condition, what defects are really major that will cost a lot to fix and what are just minor maintenance type defects that are easy and cheap to fix.