Yes, Mr. Inspector is considered over-qualified as you will see in the FAQ.

A builder or carpenter is not a qualified building inspector as per the Building Act 1993 unless they have completed a degree or a Diploma in Building Surveying – which we have done.

We have gone a step further and completed an advanced Diploma in Building Surveying. So, unless your inspector has completed a diploma or degree in Building Surveying he can not call himself a qualified building inspector. This is why most say they are qualified “House Inspectors” which in Australia, there is no such thing.

We have completed a 2 year diploma in Building Surveying to become qualified Building Inspectors and also a further 2 years to obtain the Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying.

Some of the more relevant Qualifications in the Diploma of Building Surveying that Mr. Inspector’s has completed as follows –

  • Assess Construction Faults in Residential Buildings.
  • Assess Structural Requirements for Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Apply Footing & Geomechanical Design Principals to Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Assess Timber Framed Designs for 1 and 2 storey buildings.
  • Evaluate Materials for Construction of Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Apply Building Codes & Standards to Residential Buildings.
  • Apply Building Surveying Procedures to Residential Buildings.
  • Building Project Survey.
  • Undertake Site Surveys and Set out procedures for Building Projects.
  • Apply Building Control Legislation to Building Surveying.
  • Apply Principles of Energy Efficient Design to Buildings.
  • Apply Legislation to Urban Development and Building Controls.
  • Assess the Impact of Fire on Building Materials.
  • Produce Work Drawings for Residential Buildings.