Yes, Mr. Inspector is considered over-qualified as you will see in the FAQ. In Victoria there is no law to say people doing building inspections (except certain mandatory inspections) to be qualified.  We believe your inspector should either be a qualified building inspector or a trade qualification like brick layer, builder or carpenter.   Doug who works with Peter for the last 5 years doesn’t hold a diploma of building surveying but he is a qualified bricklayer with lengthy experience in the residential construction industry.

A builder or carpenter is not a qualified building inspector as per the Building Act 1993 unless they have completed a degree or a Diploma in Building Surveying – which Peter has done.

So, unless your inspector has completed a diploma or degree in Building Surveying he can not call himself a qualified building inspector. This is why most say they are qualified “House Inspectors” which in Australia, there is no such thing.

We have completed a 2 year diploma in Building Surveying to become qualified Building Inspectors and also a further 2 years to obtain the Advanced Diploma in Building Surveying.

Some of the more relevant Qualifications in the Diploma of Building Surveying that Mr. Inspector’s has completed as follows –

  • Assess Construction Faults in Residential Buildings.
  • Assess Structural Requirements for Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Apply Footing & Geomechanical Design Principals to Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Assess Timber Framed Designs for 1 and 2 storey buildings.
  • Evaluate Materials for Construction of Domestic Scale Buildings.
  • Apply Building Codes & Standards to Residential Buildings.
  • Apply Building Surveying Procedures to Residential Buildings.
  • Building Project Survey.
  • Undertake Site Surveys and Set out procedures for Building Projects.
  • Apply Building Control Legislation to Building Surveying.
  • Apply Principles of Energy Efficient Design to Buildings.
  • Apply Legislation to Urban Development and Building Controls.
  • Assess the Impact of Fire on Building Materials.
  • Produce Work Drawings for Residential Buildings.