Mr Inspector is one of a few qualified Building Inspector in Melbourne conducting pre-purchase house inspections and pest inspections for Melbourne Homebuyers and has been operating since 2004. 

The photograph above was taken during a recent house inspection in Melbourne and shows decayed floor joists and bearers under a bathroom.

Water leaks from bathrooms is one of the largest complaints that the Victorian Building Authority receives.  Leaks are normally due to old age issues or in newer homes it is due to inadequate waterproofing on wet areas like shower recesses and floors.

Today’s requirements for unenclosed showers requires builders to waterproof the entire floor of the bathroom.  Prior to the recent requirements, all the builder or tiler had to do was waterproof the shower base and not the flooring outside the bathroom.

Almost 50% of building inspections Mr Inspector carries out reveals leaks from bathrooms.   Continual leaking not only rot the timbers beneath but also attracts termites – termites need moisture and wood and come from the ground to these favourable conditions.

The sub floor of older homes must be inspected to ascertain if leaking and leak damage is present.  The costs to rip up a shower and floor tiles and then replace it all can range from $10,000 to $30,000 in rectification works.

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