Building and Pest Inspectors in Melbourne must be independent and act only in the best interests of their clients.

Mr. Inspector’s Code of Ethics prohibits the payment of referral fees to any estate agent or other body referring them to work.

Mr. Inspector is a totally independent building inspector in Melbourne who works solely for the clients.  Our clients pay us, therefore we work for them and them only. We do not discuss the building inspection results with agents or other interested parties as they are not paying us to do a job, our clients are.  Mr Inspector has experienced people walking through “open for inspection” times coming up to him and asking how the inspection is going and if is there anything wrong with the home we politely tell them we are working for someone else and it would be unfair to explain our finding to them.

A Building Inspection service must act on behalf of their client and not be swayed by outside influences such as obtaining more referral work from estate agents or related businesses.

Mr. Inspector has had many house inspection clients that have had us referred to them by real estate agents over the years and we see this as a compliment on our house inspection service and our ability to put the building inspection results into perspective due to our knowledge and qualifications. We have had agents call us back to assess a house where another building inspection service has indicated a major structural problem only to find that it was not a major structural issue in the first instance and their client was ill-advised.

Testament to Mr Inspector’s independence and thoroughness is the very fact that after 10 years in the building inspection business, we have never had a complaint or civil claim made against us and Mr Inspector envisages this will continue.