Mr Inspector is a qualified and insured building inspector and has been carrying out detailed pre-purchase house inspections in Melbourne for over 16 years.

Like termites, some defects are difficult to find during a house inspection and can easily be missed when the inspection is a non-invasive inspection like a pre-purchase house inspection where the inspector is not able to pull things apart. especially since the house is up for sale.

Leaks from wet areas and balconies can take time to penetrate through a material.

The photo to the left was taken during a building inspection yesterday in Cheltenham and shows a thermal camera image and the dark blue indicates cool areas and possible damp or leaks.

The imagining was taken from the garage ceiling under the ensuite bathroom and the dark image immediately aroused suspicion.

There was nothing to indicate a leak, no staining or damaged plaster.

Once detected we use a moisture meter to see if its actual damp. In this case it was with a reading of 100%.  See photo below left.

Although these tools are not a requirement under the Australian Standards for pre-purchase building inspections, a non invasive moisture meter and the thermal imaging camera are essential tools in locating leaks that one can not see.

Mr inspector left this property with an unhappy owner but at least they now know what needs to be fixed before it gets worse.

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