Mr Inspector carries out comprehensive building and pest inspections Melbourne wide with a focus on locating structural defects, major defects, safety hazards and maintenance defects requiring repair or replacement and current or past termite infestation and damage.

The above photograph was taken by mr inspectors qualified building inspector during a building inspection in St Kilda and depicts timber fungal decay (rot) in a window frame.  Ultimately, any timber decay or rot should be replaced rather than patched as depicted above.

We often see window frames that have just been patched and the timber becomes spongy if not all the rot has been removed or replaced. This will will worsen over time and cause further decay of the frame, whereby total replacement is recommended.  Technically, this would be considered a major defect, however this is easily rectifiable by a qualified carpenter.

If you need any assistance when purchasing a home in Melbourne, please feel free to call mr Inspector and he will be able to assist.