Mr Inspector conducts thorough and extensive Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne wide in order to locate the dreaded termites in your home.  Termite infestations cause millions of dollars were of damage yearly in Melbourne and it is essential to ascertain if a home has either live termites or previous termite damage before you buy.

Termites are difficult to find, coming up from the ground normally under your house.  Termites are not like your typical house insects, spiders, ants, moths etc that you see quite easily, they won’t be seen until you open up timber.  They also build mud tunnels or mud leads up a structure like a stump of wall to get to the timber.  Sometimes they can enter a timber stump through the middle of same and you will never even see a mud tunnel indicating their presence.

Mr Inspector goes to great lengths to get into places where others will not, in order to find termites.

The photograph above is from a building and pest inspection in Middle Park and shows the lengths we go to to find termites.  Notice that Peter has his timber testing or tapping tool (golf club with a golf ball on the end).  This is used to tap all accessible timber framing, joists and bearers under the house for any hollowness.  Because termites are always inside the timber and invisible, tapping for hollowness indicates a problem and further invasive inspections will be required to see if the termites are still there or not.