Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector carries out building inspections in the St Kilda area and rising damp is one issue commonly seen.  The above photograph shows moisture readings on a lower wall during one of our St Kilda building inspections.

If a home has been recently painted you won’t see rising damp problems and many damp issues get covered up by owners. 

The only way to find rising damp is to use a moisture meter which detects dampness in walls.

Rising damp is a quite common problem in very old homes.  The St Kilda and Elwood areas that contain older double brick dwellings are quite prone to rising damp due to ageing of the original and very old damp proof courses which were made from a bitumen compound many years ago.

My Inspector inspects lower walls for rising damp problems during all building inspections and pest inspections.  Using a moisture meter the lower walls are checked for any damp problems and rising damp.  Common damp areas we see are shower leaks where the opposite walls and skirting board have been damaged due to water penetration.

More problematic is rising damp on masonry walls due to an old damp proof course that has been breached or has deteriorated.   Symptoms are paint flake or bubbling on lower walls and if a wet area or shower leak can be eliminated it is normally rising damp and can be quite expensive to reinstate a new damp proof course.