The photo above was taken by Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector, during a recent building inspection in Oakleigh.

It shows some brick mortar cracking on an external wall.  Step cracks normally indicate some degree of differential settlement in the footings and the cause and remedy can be many.  Cracks are classified into categories depending on location, size or width, shape and number of cracks.

Cracks found during Mr Inspectors Building Inspections are categorised depending on the widths and the severity.  Some can be due to minor differential settlement and others can be due to other major problems int he homes footings.  Internal cracks can be due to the footings having deteriorated, for example the stumps are rotten.  Other cracks could have occurred before a home was re-stumped and just need to be patched.  Mr Inspector will ascertain what the problem is and what needs to be done.

The importance of  engaging an experienced and knowledgeable building inspector will mean you will have these issues assessed and be given the correct information on how they need to be rectified.