Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector (Diploma Building Surveying) in Melbourne, took the above photograph using a thermal imaging camera during one of his Building Inspections in Melbourne.  It depicts dampness in a ceiling lining (dark color) which once invstigated revealed that the shower recess had a pipe leak behind the tiles which was leaking into the ceiling below.  This was undetectable without the thermal imaging camera.

Mr Inspector’s qualified and experienced building inspectors in Melbourne conduct expert home inspections to make home owners or buyers be aware of any problems a home may have that require repair.  Knowing what problems need immediate repair can save an unsuspecting home buyer money in future repairs or assist to negotiate the price of a home.

“The focus of any house inspection in Melbourne should be to find everything wrong with the property that will cost our clients money”, says Peter Alexander, a qualified building inspector and pest inspector and also the director of Mr Inspector.  “Having been in the building inspection industry for over 11 years you get to see a lot of house issues, but it is also a focus of ours to put the findings into perspective. Some major defects can be expensive to rectify, some quite cheap and it is my strong belief that a client should not walk away from every home due to defect presence. Conversely, there are some homes that I would walk away from and i have no qualms telling my clients that.”