Mr Inspector, a qualified Building Inspector conducts professional pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspections in the Heatherton area and surrounds.  The above photograph was taken by Mr Inspector during one of his many building inspections in Heatherton.

This photo was taken by Mr Inspector during a building inspection in Heatherton and although a minor defect in the scheme of things, can lead to further problems if not rectified.

Many brick homes have the sub floor vents covered by debris, soil, bark or paths during out building inspections.  This is not a major defect, but prevent adequate cross-ventilation throughout the sub floor.  Cross ventilation reduces damp conditions in the sub floor thus keeping it dry and unattractive to rot and termites.  Remember termites love damp conditions and reducing this factor reduces the risk of a termite infestation.  The same applies for weather board homes – the better the ventilation, the less chance of rot and termites.