Mr Inspector, a fully qualified building and pest inspector conducts house inspections in the Hampton area and surrounds.  This photograph depicts why it is so important for a building inspector to get under the house.

This photograph above was taken by Mr Inspector during a house inspection in Hampton and shows the shower base under the home is not connected, this shower waste is just pouring into the sub floor. At some stage it was connected but works had been carried out and someone forgot to reconnect to the sewer.

There is also evidence of a leak from the shower recess as you can see the timber joists and bearers are wet.  This building inspection defect would not have been picked up unless a full inspection of the house’s sub floor was carried out by a qualified building inspector.

It is a good example of why you need to get a thorough home inspection by a qualified building inspector rather than just attending an “open for inspection” and having a look around the house.