The above photograph was taken by Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector in Melbourne, during a  building and pest inspection in Elsternwick and depicts termites attacking a timber floor bearer on a solid brick home.

People have a misconception that termites only attack weather board houses or houses built on timber stumps. We hear house buyers say “we don’t need a termite inspection, it’s a brick house” or its “built on a slab”.  Mr Inspector has only one thing to say “You are wrong”.  Termites will enter any house where there’s timber.  Brick veneer homes built on a slab have timber wall frames (studs, bottom plates and top plates) behind the plaster and ceiling joists and roof frame above the ceilings.  If the home is constructed on a slab they can enter via cracks int he slab, the weep holes and pipe penetrations from bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

If the home constructed with a full metal frame we would tell you not to bother with the termite inspection but for any other timber construction, I would get one done for peace of mind.