Mr Inspector, a qualified Building Inspector in Melbourne conducts building and pest inspections for home buyers, providing detailed inspection reports so that they can make informed decisions before buying a property.

The photographs above was taken during one of our building inspections in Dingley and shows a heating duct that has detached.

Mr Inspector conducts a thorough inspection under every home as this is where a lot of defects are found during our building inspections around Melbourne.  Our home inspectors come across structural defects where stumps are rotten, major defects where bathrooms are leaking causing rot to the floor boards and floor frame and minor defects like the photograph above. The detached duct was not known to the owners who were unaware that one end of the home was not being heated and instead the sub floor was being kept warm.

We often see damage to duct work that has been caused by cats scratching holes in the duct and sleeping soundly.

The importance of a building inspection is reiterated by this finding,  although relatively minor in the scheme of things, you are still wasting money on heating.