Roof Inspection

Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector took the above photo during one of his many building inspections in Bentleigh East.  The importance of a house inspection carried out by a qualified building inspector can not be overlooked, especially under the home and on the roof.

It is showing a chimney that has not been capped.  This can cause excess water entry in heavy rainfall periods over time and a roofing plumber should be contacted to cap or seal the chimney.  Very rarely do home owners climb on their roof and inspect for damage, broken tiles, rust or flashing problems and only find out when the ceiling starts to see damp damage.

Mr Inspector says annual inspections of the roofing areas should be carried out by a qualified building inspector.


The above photographs was taken during a recent building inspection in Bentleigh East and depicts a leaking chimney.

Upon closer inspection it was ascertained that the chimney capping had dislodged.  This is considered a major defect due to the fact that further deterioration may occur to the property due to the leak.

Although considered a major defect, it is quite easy and cheap to repair.

It is important to obtain a qualified building inspector (Diploma of Building Surveying) to assess your potential home prior to purchase so that defects like the one above are rectified as soon as possible.  Depending on your contract you may even be able to discuss repairs by the owner prior to purchase.

If you are in the market of purchasing a home in Melbourne we strongly recommend a a thorough and exhaustive building and pest inspection so that you can make an informed decision prior to purchase.

Bathroom Leaks

The photographs was taken using the thermal imaging camera which can assist to find leaks that are not visible to the naked eye.  In this building inspection we could see some light staining on the ceiling but could not get a ladder to the area to assess with the moisture meter.  Luckily we have a thermal imaging camera which showed the dark staining which is damp.

Above the ceiling is an 1st floor bathroom which also did not give any visible indication of cracked tiles or grout in the shower to indicate a problem.  It turned out that the spindles behind the tiles had a small drip/leak occurring and causing the ceiling damp.

Without having the technology available today, this would not normally be picked up during a building inspection as it was not visible.

This is just another reason why it is so important to obtain the services of a qualified building inspector who knows what to look for and has the right equipment toc arry out a thorough house inspection.

Timber Stump Defects

It depicts old timber stumps and off cuts being utilised to support a bearer.  This does not comply with the Australian Standards for Residential Slabs and Footings Construction AS 2870-1996 and a stumping contractor is required to rectify the problem.  Although not overly difficult to rectify this building defect you may notice some internal floor bounce or unevenness and over time you may get some internal wall and ceiling cracking.

When Mt Inspector sees wall cracks internally, as was the case at this building inspection, it is important to be able to assess the sub floor to try and ascertain the cause of the problem.

Sub Floor Defects

inspections in Bentleigh East.  It depicts a timber floor frame member (bearer) that has been cut out to accommodate a pipe connection.

Although this defect has not caused any internal floor unevenness or wall cracking the bearer is a load bearing timber member and cutting can weaken the structural integrity.  It is technically a structural defect, however, due to the fact it has been like this for many years and not caused any further problems, Mr Inspector considers monitoring of the area only.

The importance of a qualified building inspector conducting your house inspection is essential as experience and knowledge will detect issues and give you the right advice on rectification if needed.