Mr Inspector, a qualified building inspector in Melbourne carries out building inspections in the Aspendale area.  The above photograph depicts termite damage in the door architraves found dressing a recent building and pest inspection in Aspendale, Melbourne.

The building was a apartment on the ground floor, solid brick and constructed on a slab footing. I mention this as many people believe termites will not get into a home built on a concrete slab footing. They are wrong.

A timber tapping test was carried out on internal timbers and the hollow sound came from the architrave.  Further probing indicated live termites.

This finding is important as too many people have the misconception that termites do not infest homes built on slabs or are constructed from brick.

Where there’s timber, there can be termites and it is essential that a building and pest inspection be carried out on any type of dwelling, whether brick on slab or not.